Well, the author erased his own post on the web page so i can’t include the original post that this post was a reply to. He came with the standart regime lover arguments so noone really needs to know what he was exactly saying; So here is my content only.

Why thanks to Davutoglu ? He has recently been (sacked) forced to resign by R.T. Erdogan noone knows why.. Do you ?
(can you imagine a country where the prime minister who is elected by public is being sacked by the president over one night? And can you imagine those the followers of that president, playing the lover of king more than king himself, lecture on “elections” and “democracy” as done in this article above ? How funny.
Excuse me but you should have said a word when your public elected pm was sacked. You should have said, as a democracy lover, “we elected him, and it’s only we who can pull him down” !
Did you ? NO.
You thought the president thinks the best for you. Because a neo-ottoman should act like that, his padishah thinks the best and he is only to clap. (at this point i wish you went on clapping but haven’t shared such an article)

You mentioned the name Davudoglu, so here i should tell; He called ISIS as “not a terroist organization but a horde with anger” and had even considered “false flag” operations on ISIS to claim invasion out of country borders (into Syria). Everyone has heard that ambitious strategy of “let’s bomb our own territory with few of our men so we can declare war upon them” in the security council’s hidden voice record.. This is how Turkey has been the target of anonymous terroist groups.and how it will continue to be.. But teror is not our subject now, so let’s go on with that so-loved democracy.

The trap, every average democracy lover fall into (i say average; because they only love democracy if it serves under their ideologies which they think is the absoulte truth) is judging democracy as a matter of election.. As the writer of this article is strongly influenced by that idea and reads the “elected government poetry” every time as those types usually do whenever an argument about democracy is on the table..

I wont lecture on democracy here as a Turkish guy i am soaked deep in democracy recently and really can take no more..
But let me tell you, democracy should have nothing to do with “electing” at first stage. The origins of democracy are subjected to many other things way long before “electing”. You should examine the terms you use yourself so use wiki or google at least..if you can’t go with the ones what Pluton, Socrates or Farabi wrote which are still valid up today..and see democracy is not what you think of.

Well the term “The sickman of europe” is used by the author of this article to dramatise the situtation.
The sickman officialy died in 1920 and could have transformed into nothing but a crowd of Jihaadist democrats(!) who have been called to the streets on the night of the so-called coup by their president, and terrorized the streets with a vandalism that humanity has not seen since the code of Hammurabi which was nearly 4000 years ago.
Everyone (but not the author of this article) saw how dangerous they are, with the sickest of Islam understanding, with tekbirs, they killed people, soldiers (child soldiers who have nothing to do with coup but obeying orders)
Well they helped the president’s will to prove world how Turks can fight not only with its army and soldiers but person by person ! and which i think the author of this article is proud of and wants to proove too. Because i haven’t seen any mentions to those what’s been done by that jihaadist crowd in this article.

Well, speaking of Erdogan and AKP as not perfect as no one is.. and their successes on transforrming the country into a regional power..
I think Turkey has been dangerously transformed into a “mission-country” more than a “regional power”..
The mission is done by AKP and Erdogan in the name of “Kutlu Yürüyüş” which i can translate as “Holy Walk” (“Kut” means God, Tengri in old Turkish, and it’s the Erdogan’s God’s way that we are supposed to walk, as all Turkish citizens must do otherwise you are accused to be a pure traitor)

Does the author of this article know where we are walking ? Have you got a destination please ? Ohh, we are on the way to democracy you tell.. Ok… (I should admit i find this article very funny, and whatever this author writes it will be no way but fun.)

To me and the excels of current goverment; we walk on the sionist’s way bringing up Palestine or all the other oppressed underdogs of Islam repeatedly to the mouth. Well, maybe whoever governs this country have to walk on the same road.. i don’t know. But there is really no need to that literature of “we are the leaders of oppressed muslim crowds of the world”.. Turkey should be more rational at where it stays, and should be administered by rational people who dont promise what they can’t offer at all. This way we can’t be champions again but go up a few ranks.

Oh i was missing the last paragraphs. LOL
i actually would not wish the author of this article to read what’s in this link :http://kuramsalaktarim.blogspot.com/…/israil-ve…

I would not wish because he sleeps so well i would not want to wake him up..

In the mediterrenian region, there is a lot of gas supply which is going to make the oil of middle east obsolete.. maybe has already done.
And which 5 countries Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus have the rights to extract and refine.

The recent apology by Israel was not only an apology but an agreement on extracting that gas deposit.. And you know what ? Although we have the right to extract, refine and sell this gas to Europe, we were asked to accept only “carrying” that gas which our overlord Israel will extract and refine…Our supreme leader could not tell the words “we have the rights on that gas which will make my country champion in economical aspects and will save my country a century!” I doubt he thought he is better to give the carrying/logistic duties under the serves of his uncle’s son or brother in law or anyone from the family.. That would be enough.
That’s fun to say at this point.. As long as you call Turkey as a regional power i think i have the right to call Israel as the ‘overlord’ of Turkey as i can’t find another way to make more and more fun of this article..
Oh and what if the 3rd bridge in Istanbul was constructed for the trucks and vehicles to carry commerce along side that Israelean gas to the Balkans ? Have you ever thought ? Would you celebrate and dance on the bridge again ? I think you would. Because your padishah always has a plan and he knows the best and even if he does not you’ve already defended him saying “he is not perfect as noone is..”

Well, i’ve had enough of laughters, and i took what i needed.. because that so-called coup and that average democracy lovers had deppressed me enough in my own country and abroad. I would welcome any article by this author. They all should be big fun.

And yes, May Allah grant the leadership of Ummah to my country. May Allah do the author of this article as he wills.